Me - dan gelder photography
Everyone has a story to tell, which is why I'm fascinated by people and why I enjoy wedding and family photography so much. 

And what about me? Well, I've been a photographing for over twenty years, probably a little bit longer if you count wondering around King's Lynn with my parents old 110 camera when I was eleven years old.

My interest in photography saw me move north to study photography for three years as part of a Media degree at Sheffield Hallam University. After university I photographed for the Yorkshire Evening post for a short while, taught photography for Community Music East in Norwich, and won the Social Enterprise East Photography competition 2008. 

I live in beautiful rural Norfolk, with my wife and two children.

And while we're talking about me, here's some things I like;

* Hanging out with my wife and kids. That's my number one thing every time.

* Long road trips

* Bookshops

* Science Fiction 

* Photographing people who love being photographed

* Autumn

* Cinema

* Riding my mountain bike in the woods

* Playing my guitar and singing very badly 

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