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17th Feb 2019

7 Steps to Choosing a Great Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can send you dizzy. There are so many us these days, all with our different styles and prices to match. But fear not! I've put together 7 steps gained from my own experiences to help you choose a great photographer who will be able to capture your wedding day exactly how you want it. 

1. This is a really important one. Ask to see a whole wedding album. Photographers will naturally want to show off their best work, with some only showing portraits. Viewing a whole wedding album will give you assurance their photography is consistently of the quality you’re looking for.

2. Timings on your wedding day are super important! Is your photographer going through the big day with you, to ensure they’re in the right place at the right time for the photographs you want?

3. What style are you looking for? Formal? Dark & Moody? Natural looking story telling ? It’s important you pick a photographer who can deliver what you really want.

4. What are previous Brides saying? Check out reviews for honest opinions on their Facebook page and website.

5. Do you click? Your photographer could be with you from bridal prep in the morning to the first dance in the evening. They’ll also have to get on with your guests too, so it’s important your personalties connect.

6. Is the photographer interested in the look and theme of your wedding? Details are important, you’ve put your heart and soul into your day after all. 

7. A great photographer should be centring their work around you and what you want. Listen to their approach to your wedding and see if it fits in with what you want.

I really hope this was useful to you, or at least gave you some food for thought. 

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